The Kopparkant - Individual Plates

The Kopparkant - Individual Plates

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Already have a Kopparkant razor, but want to try all of the shave experiences on offer?  Just grab an extra plate in a different aggression level!


ORIGINAL:  An extremely smooth and comfortable yet surprisingly efficient daily driver style shave.  Perfect for daily or head shavers, those with sensitive skin, or some irritation free pickups and buffing.  Also a great gift option for introducing a friend or loved one to the joys of wet shaving!

  • Gap - 0.73 mm
  • Exposure - Neutral
  • Shave Style - Very Smooth/ Medium Efficient

PLUS:  Satisfyingly smooth and close, the Plus level plate is perfect for intermediate to advanced shavers who like a comfortable and irritation free shave but don't want to sacrifice any efficiency to get it.  If you like that 'mowing it down' feeling, with a touch of blade feedback and a glassy finish, then this one's for you. 

  • Gap - 0.99 mm
  • Exposure - 0.125 mm
  • Shave Style - Smooth/ Efficient


  • Material - Brass 360
  • Finish - Bead Blast
  • Weight - 20 grams


  • One Brass 360 Kopparkant base plate in the finish and aggression level of your choice